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February 10, 2009
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                                                Legend of Spyro
                                               Unearthed Secrets

Five long years have past since our heroes defeated Malefor. Our heroes have grown up into beautiful and handsome dragons. The six are now standing up to Ignitus’ neck, they have taken a liking to their growth. Xiuhcoatl and Saphira together, have raised their young daughter Rain. A young water dragoness, just slightly darker than her mother in color, her horns curl forward and her tail, although small is comparable to a shark’s. Her spines are very small and hard to tell how they will grow. Her wings although small, are more like Saphira’s than Xiuhcoatl’s as are her blue eyes.
Crimson and Krystal have raised their son Sky, a wind dragon who is a very light blue unlike his mother. His horns are straight back like his father as are his wings. His tail is like Krystal’s but has only two hooks rather than three. His eyes are a dark yellow and his spines like Rain’s are too small to tell how they will grow.
Spyro and Cynder have raised their little Belinda to a beautiful dragoness. Her body has grown and looks much like Cynder when she was young. She often is caught playing with Sky and Rain usually just talking or playing hide and seek. The three children usually keep their distance from their parents while talking as to not be overheard and sometimes bother Ignitus and Tiamat.
Ignitus and Tiamat have helped the six parents to help expand the size of the White Isle’s structure. They built memorials to honor the deaths of those they lost. They expanded the structure to hold more dragons and keep the eleven of them at peace.
Recently though, Crimson has been leaving to a hidden area, even Krystal did not know of. Xiuhcoatl and Spyro as well grew increasingly curious as to his disappearances. “Spyro, Xiuh, have you seen Crimson recent?” Krystal asked from the balcony over a hill that they were laying on. Spyro looked up with a curious look on his face, “No we haven’t. We’ve been wondering where he was today. Figured he was with you for some alone time.”
Saphira walked up beside Krystal, “They know where he is?” Krystal let out a sigh, “No, they thought he was with me. Do you two think you can help me?” Cynder glided down and landed on a hill above Spyro and Xiuhcoatl, “I’ll help too. Come on you two, let’s help find Crimson. Split up, the kids are with my mother and father.” Xiuhcoatl laughed, “I bet those two are having fun.”
The five flew off in different directions around the island. Minutes later they all met up again. “Anyone find anything?” Cynder asked. Everyone shook their head except Spyro, “I found something out of place. There’s a whirlpool by the north-east side of the island. Follow me I’ll show you.” Spyro flew ahead as everyone followed behind. Krystal looked at it and thought for a moment.
She realized where she’d seen that before, “I showed that technique to Crimson. You see, although water dragons can live underwater, and manipulate it, some can be taught to control water for a very short period of time. That whirlpool won’t last more than a few minutes, or by now a few seconds.” The whirlpool slowly faded as everyone watched. “You see,” Krystal continued, “With enough speed you can create a whirlpool that you and allies can travel safely through to get to a hidden chamber. There must be something down there, follow me.”
Krystal lowered herself to the ocean and tapped it gently with a claw, “Because I am a water dragon, I can manipulate this easier than others who would struggle to do this.” A whirlpool showed up again as the others dove in. They found themselves in a cave where Crimson was lying in a corner. He lifted his head and turned to the others, “Why are you all here? Can’t I be alone for a while?”
“Crimson, you’ve been disappearing a lot, we’re worried about you,” Krystal began. Crimson snorted, “Come on, what’s to worry about? Nothing’s going to happen to me.” Crimson was hiding his front right leg while he remained laying down. “Come on Crimson, let’s go up, we all know where you’re hiding now,” Spyro said with a smirk. Crimson mumbled, “You don’t know what I’m hiding though.”
Saphira looked at him curiously, “What did you say?” “Oh nothing… nothing,” he said as he got up and walked towards the pool entrance of the cave. “Crimson, don’t go hiding anything, every time you do, something bad happens,” Cynder said as she stopped him then let him go.
And the first part of the sequal is up already!

Legend of Spyro Unearthed Secrets!

Okay I know it's really soon but I've been dying to get to this already haha. So once again the story begins... or continues... it continues to begin?... Ah whatever enjoy :D
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Is he a cheater?
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Only reading on, shall you find out young padawon :bow:
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alright more reading cant wait i hope no one dies that wod be tereble i hope they al live in the end.
DarkSpyro189 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009
You'll have to wait and see won't you? hehe Unearthed Secrets is very short, it's just a filler between Legend of Shadows and Dark Betrayls
Lyreice Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Well that was odd. What's Crimson hiding?
DarkSpyro189 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
You shall see in time.
Lyreice Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
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